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My Personal Social Media Policy

28 Jan

I’ve always felt a little strange about using social media for professional purposes. Like I’m going out to a bar but I’m in a business suit and I’m taking notes on human behavior. But it’s clear that it can work wonderfully, done well, so maybe I just need to take notes a little more charmingly.

[stolen — as requested — from Melanie McBride]

1. Connecting

Hi, Natalie Thiessen here. Since it’s trendy nowadays to keep bios intriguingly minimalistic, I will just say that I am a graphic design student looking to make connections with other creative people. This is my twitter, this is my art tumblr, this is my facebook and here is a link to Myspace’s homepage so you and I can feel a little bit better about ourselves. I have other blogs but I like to live a double life (like a really lame spy) so those aren’t going up on my school blog. An introduction from you would be great, but I hate to pressure. With any luck, I’ll be able to figure out what landed your icon in my follower box through the context clues. But if it’s less than obvious or you really want to get a fire going with this virtual courtship, I invite you to speak up.

2. Friending Policy

To be honest, I think automatic reciprocation is a terrible idea. Who are we kidding with this? Are we really not going to end up skimming past that stranger we added out of policy?

It just doesn’t seem sensible. What if I follow you back without even looking at your page and you’re actually really racist? Then I’m following a racist and I don’t even know. I just have to look out for myself, is all I’m saying.

3. Privacy, boundaries and safety: Just keep me off Google

It’s possible I will never figure out the answer to this question. I guess all I really want is for nothing terrible to come up when you Google my name. I try not to make myself an easy target for internet villains, but it’s hard. These are different times — everything is on the internet. You can’t expect me take a burqa and a fake name every time I leave the house.

4. Signal to noise: I don’t like boring blogs.

All I really want from someone’s twitter is for it not to be boring. I would like to reach the point where checking Twitter doesn’t feel like a chore. I’ll unfollow if you’re a bigot, I’ll unfollow if you have a terrible attitude, but at the end of the day, I just want you to be entertaining.

5. Personal data and sharing: Hey, baby.

I am down for whatever the internet can offer me. Highly involved, meaningful internet friendships are pretty rewarding, but shallow relationships are fun too. Let’s not force this.

6. My networking needs and uses: Do people really use Linkedin?

Facebook is for keeping up with real life, and I keep it locked down because I’m not insane. Twitter is for sweet links, short jokes and stalking celebrities. Tumblr is a giant, nerdy internet sharing circle. Myspace is terrible.

7. Seriously, I hate boring blogs.

I just want people on the internet to try a little harder at being engaging. We don’t need more boring blogs. If you don’t care enough about your internet personality not to phone it in, then why are you here? No one’s getting anything out of this.